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One stitch at a time we are teaching hand to eye, and heart to hand skills. Healing, empowering, inspiring, nurturing growth, cultivating careers for a sustainable future.

Healing Through Creativity

Our Work

Meet The Founder:

Martha Jackson




Founder and entrepreneur, Martha Jackson brings her expertise from 30+ years in the fashion design business, specializing in upscaled jewelry and clothing. Martha has a unique sense of color, texture, and pattern-mixing when she creates her one-of-a-kind originals. Her clothing and jewelry are sold in her Eco-Fashion boutique studio, Restored by Design, which she started in 2011. Martha loves to reinvent and create new things out of old pieces, finding her passion in this work. She is caring, patient and supportive, bringing out the creative energy in others. Through the Foundation, she now has a chance to share her skills, along with the meaningful joy of creation, with others.

Claudia Rowland comes to RBD Foundation with a strong commitment and passion for restoration and healing through the creative arts. Her degree in Fine Art and Design, years of business management, and further studies and practices in yoga, Ayurveda, and many healing modalities, laid the groundwork for her to step into this role at RBD. Claudia believes in the power of awakening and educating the creative, resourceful spirit, and in cultivating a world that honors the compassionate interdependence of all living things. She is honored and excited to be working with the RBD Foundation.

Our Mission


To heal through creativity by supporting and empowering disadvantaged women through education and on-the-job training. To teach the skills of sewing, upcycling, reinventing, and repurposing garments and other items that are practical and necessary in everyday life.

Our Goal


To grow and maintain a thriving organization that inspires courage in women to connect with each other and find their own value of self. We strive to build a strong renewed vitality for a sustainable community. This ultimately leads to new, rewarding careers.

What We Do


We provide classes and on-the-job training in upcycling and design sensibilities, business practices, personal development, and sustainable community building. We mentor the exploration of the creative self, teach hand and machine sewing, with style! RBD Foundation provides the expertise, guidance, tools, materials and space in a safe, nurturing facility that honors creativity and self-expression.

Current Projects


Story Quilts & Banners engage women in the construction of their own story squares. They are then sold in the Restored by Design boutique to raise funds for the participants' various charities.


The T-Collection builds upon six basic designs created by founder Martha Jackson. These include T-tops, dresses, and tote bags made from gently worn t-shirts and fabric fragments, lovingly produced by participating women. Proceeds from these sales will go back into the Foundation.


Examples coming soon!